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First Library at Lingapuram village


Siri Volunteers visited Lingapuram school on Aug 11, 2011

Dr.Lakshmi Chintala, LVN Rao, Anusha Ch, Sirisha Ch, Damayanthi Lekkala, Satyanarayana Y, Babu Rao, Prid Chintala, Shri Lekkala, Srirama Murthy (Village President), Parasu Ramiah Ch and Srini Chintala


Siri kicked-off library project with basic furniture and 100 books, 430 more books are on the way. We received great support from village by providing an awesome room of 17 x 20 feet with additional same size hall way. Painted the room in beautiful blue and yellow colors. Also, several kids and teachers participated in decorating the library. The ambiance, pictures, books and enthusiastic kids created a great atmosphere for the new library.


Mr & Mrs Thatha Rao funded the first round of books worth Rs.10,000. 

List of Books


Following are planned in next few months


1.     Hire a librarian with proper training

2.     Kids magazines and newspaper subscriptions

3.     Working tables and more board games

4.     Book racks

5.     Additional books




Wish List

1.     Computers & Internet

2.     Hire a technical person to manage Computers

3.     After School programs

4.     Board Games, Chess boards, Art supplies etc

5.     Sports equipment, soccer balls, shoes etc