This page is dedicated to the incredible team of volunteers and kind donors. Your generosity will make an immediate difference in the lives of underprivileged children.  You are making a difference !                  - Siri Foundation team

Heroes on The ground

  1. Sureddy Babu Rao
  2. Lekkala Satyanarayana
  3. Yamadri Staynarayana
  4. Yedla Govind
  5. Dogga NVRY Naidu
  6. Karri Ramesh naidu
  7. Cheepurapalli jagadish
  8. Dogga Applananidu
  9. Nirijogi VN Murthy
  10. Sabbavarapu Bangarunaidu
Thank you!! Reading Room Volunteer Ms. Krishnaveni Guttula

Mr.Viswa Ammula and Mrs.Rama Koppula Family
Ardent Supporter of  Asha or Education 

Mr.Thatha Rao and Susheela Family

LVN Rao Family
Vishakaha Patnam, India

A family of teachers - 
"Practice what you preach"

The village of Vechalam for the opportunity to serve the school and the pledges from community

Appa Rao Nowdu, Headmaster Elementary School
Appala Naidu Reddi, Venkat Rao Reddi, Demullu and Mr. Prasad for their commitment and tireless volunteer work