About US

Education equals Awareness, 
Awareness equals Change and
Change equals Progress” 
-  Viswa

All About Us

Siri foundation was founded as a nonprofit charitable trust in 2010 by Mr.LVN Rao and Srini Chintala in Vishakhapatnam, AP India. Mr. Rao, a teacher by profession, deeply believes that we have a shared responsibility to give back to the community. Mr. Rao joined forces with Srini & Dr. Lakshmi Chintala, M.D.  The main objective of the foundation is to help less fortunate by “Supporting education at the grassroots level”. A team of young teachers and volunteers are already making a difference in rural villages. The passion and energy of the team shares the values of hard work, strong moral values and social compassion.

While believing in making a difference in putting education at the grassroots level towards a socio-economic change, the experienced team is committed to identifying specific areas of focus which are quicker to implement yet yield good results towards long term sustainability of the programs served. The founding team sincerely believes that this can be achieved through caring for underprivileged kids and compassionate philanthropy while having a clear strategy to having the financial and the human capital resources.

Siri Foundation is a registered Charity organization in India with a Tax ID: 38/2010 

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