Community Service

Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. -Mahatma Gandhi

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s words, Siri’s core values are deeply rooted in a spirit of volunteerism and a passion for common good.

Siri sponsored kids are required to take part in at least one service activity each year. Siri works with various people on the ground from youth members, to teachers. We encourage all of them including kids we support to take leadership roles to organize service projects in their local communities to make a positive impact.

Summer 2018 teaching service by Venkatesh.

Ramakrishna- Summer 2018, 25 days of teaching service for 20 kids

Bhargavi @ Summer 2017

Ramakrishna spent over 60 hours of his "Summer holidays" in teaching other kids at his village. 4 hours each day for 15 days is an impressive commitment on volunteerism !! great job RK.

Ganesh Volunteering @ Krishna Pushkaralu 2016

Harispandana, Kumari and Mani : 180 hours of service during summer 2016

Kids at Vechalam School participated in various service activities including plantation, pipeline for toilets and school cleanup (2014-2015)

Vechalam School 2015

@ Vaddadi School 2015

Koduru High school 2014

Vechalam school progress 2013

Service project at Vechalam 2013