Koduru Playscape

March 2019

at Koduru
Elementary School

Opened in Mar 2019
Enrollments have gone up from 60 to 92

"Play is the best education and highest form of research" & playgrounds are spaces that help children build the physical, mental and emotional tools to live a healthy life.
-Dr.Meena Veluri who funded this project

Siri Foundation spearheaded the transformational playscape project in March 2019. The design of all-weather, eco friendly playground has been drawn up by Anthill Creations, a not for profit organization which mobilizes communities to build all-inclusive and sustainable playscapes. We have used recyclable material like scrap tires, cable & oil drums etc. to create these beautiful playscapes. The adaptive reuse of scrap is both economical and sustainable with a start to end construction timeline of less than 4 weeks and cost under Rs.2.5 Lakhs

Mr. Basavaraju, Mr. Srinivas E and Mr. Murali and team did an outstanding job despite the scorching heat in March. Thanks to Anthill team Pooja Rai, Mayukh Deb and Harshitha along with many people behind the scenes who helped in realizing this project .

Srini's comments: This playscape project has been my dream for a longtime, almost 10 years in dreaming. Whenever I take my son to parks with beautiful playscapes in the USA, I used to wonder “why don’t we have these in India?” “What if I build one at a remote village?”. The cost of materials back then made me bench the project, but finally came to fruition when Anthill foundation and required funds came along with a perfect school site in the year of 2019. Huge thanks to Dr.Veluri family, Aruna & Pawan Merupula who funded this project.

The making of Playscape

Making of Koduru Playscape.MOV

Key team members : Srinivas E, Basavaraju, Mayukh

Lakshmi Chintala's visit to the school in July 2019