2020 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

So much has changed in a short period of time - lives have been altered, encumbered, and lost across the world, and it is no different for our Siri Foundation family during the pandemic. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you for all of those who lost their loved ones. Our message to you is to find strength and rely on one another to fight against COVID and Poverty - together, we will get through this. Small acts of kindness from many can make a mountain of difference!

Throughout this pandemic, Siri Foundation team rose to the occasion and worked, on their own, to serve and heal our communities. They delivered food, distributed medicine, and carried oxygen concentrators to save lives. I would like to a extend a special “thank you” to some members of our brave team: Surya Chitikela, Babu Rao, Ganesh Pothu and Dr. Ramana and many more who took part in the pandemic relief. You are our heroes!

On a lighter note, I am very excited to share a wonderful news that Siri family is starting to see the results and impact of our mission that started so many years ago. Several of our old students who have received jobs are coming back to help other students at Siri foundation by donating their time and money. Life is a full circle! I truly believe that “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” and the actions of our generous students are direct reflections of that ideal. I am proud of our team and grateful to our teachers who have mentored such wonderful individuals.

Lastly, the governing body and trustees have paid all expenses and we have achieved our objective of 100% donations to our direct cause in the 2020 fiscal year. We are more committed than ever to do our work in the field of education to serve underprivileged children.

I would like to welcome two new medical students to the Siri Family. Mr.Sainam Chander, a second-year M.B.B.S student at NRI College, and Mrs. Sandhyarani Dontala, a first-year MBBS student at Maharaja College.

Thank you for your continued support

Srini Chintala
Founder & Trustee

44 Kids

For Scholarships since 2012






Received Jobs


Libraries opened in 5 villages

Our Impact

We are proud to announce that 9 students have received job offers so far and are now fiscally independent. The scholarship program for higher education has reached more than 44 students since 2012. We believe the scholarship program is an incredible initiative and hope to create a wider impact on the rural communities we serve.

  • 9 students received job offers

  • 21 students graduated from their respective education course works

  • 44 students have received scholarships and mentorship for their higher education since 2012

  • Two of our former students who have recently taken jobs are now helping other students at Siri by donating their time and money

  • Operating 6 libraries in 5 villages since the inception of the foundation in 2010

  • 100% of donations went to the direct cause in 2020. The governing body and trust members are bearing the administration cost

  • 23 students have received National Means-Cum-Merit Scholarship (NMMS) through the summer education program

  • The infrastructure projects in-collaboration with the local community resulted more than 300% growth in student enrollments at Koduru Elementary school. (22 students in 2016 to 90 students in 2020)

  • More than 1000 students are benefiting from the libraries at 5 villages and sports grants

Sainam Chandar, M.B.B.S Student

Mr.Sainam Chandar is a second year M.B.B.S student (Undergraduate medical education) at NRI Institute of Medical Sciences in Vishakhapatnam. He was introduced by another Siri scholar when Chandar’s father died during the pandemic. His family lives at Aruteglapadu village near Bheemavaram. One of our volunteers made a trip to his home during the difficult and ensured education continuity. Siri foundation is committed to help him through the scholarship grants for the remaining years of his medical school

Ms.Sandhyarani Donthala secured M.B.B.S (undergrad medical education) admission at Maharaja Institute of Medical sciences at Vijayanagaram. Her father died when she was 14 years old, and she and her mother have been living with her grandparents.

Siri team decided to fund Sandhya's medical school education for the next 6 years after learning about her grim financial situation.

We wish her great success in life and hope that our little bit of help can change the lives of those around her.

Ms. Sandhyarani Donthala, M.B.B.S Student

Mr.Surya - distributing food during the lockdown

Mr.Emandi Sreenivas -Congrats on new Job

Ms.Kumari, PhD in Chemistry admission at HCU. Congratulations.

Library at Kilamangi Village - hand built by students


Although pandemic has limited our capacity, we were able to add two new medical students to the scholarship program. We have spent 72% on scholarships and 28% for teachers and libraries. We are planning to expand the scholarship program to additional students in coming years. Each student in the scholarship program tend to stay with us for 4 to 7 years or until they find some work to stand on their own. It's always been a long commitment.

For a fourth year in a row, we have survived with donations/funds within India as we are still waiting for the FCRA permission to seek donations from foreign countries Thanks to Siri’s friends and family members around the world, and in India. Special shout out to Vishnu Polangi for raising funds for Siri foundation and for his continued support.


Oxygen Concentrator delivered by Siri Foundation

Mr.LVN Rao, disrtibuting food during the lockdown

Pandemic relief efforts by Mr.Babu Rao and his family members

Surya & Team helping Old people

Mr.Babu Rao delivered Blankets, Food, medicines to Kilamangi (remote Village on hills)

Siri stars Annual meeting on Jan 10, 2021 (prior to lockdown )