Beating Poverty through education one child at a time

Long-term Academic Support with scholarships and Mentoring

Siri is deeply committed to education for underprivileged children from low-income communities in rural India. We provide long-term support for their education from elementary school to all the way to college. Siri helps them in achieving their goals through scholarships, financial resources, and mentorship, while instilling the values of volunteerism and community service, also called servant-leadership, the term coined by our first student Ms.Mani.

42 Students have received scholarships so far

-updated Dec 30, 2020

Although Sai Praneeth received a government sponsored M.B.B.S admission (Undergraduate medical education) at NRI Institute of Medical Sciences, he was unable to attend school due to a number of financial difficulties. Praneeth’s father, Mr. Prasad, had been suffering a chronic Stage 5 kidney disease and was confined to their home, and his mother, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi, was working for a small publishing company that did not grant her a salary that allowed for extraneous costs. Praneeth could not pay for his tuition fees and books, and therefore unable to follow his dreams and attend medical school. The Siri team decided to support Praneeth’s education for the next 6 years after learning about his financial situation, and Praneeth is now able to attend school and realize his passions. We wish him great success in life, and hope that our little bit of help can change the lives of those around him.

Sai Praneeth at NRI medical college, Jan 2020

Ms. Illapu Mani, the second of three daughters born into a family of farmers, was an A+ student in the 10th grade, receiving a 9.4 GPA (out of 10). She had an immense passion for Agricultural Sciences, which she exhibited when presenting innovative projects to the National Children Science Congress in 2010 and 2011. Unfortunately, due to her family’s financial status she was forced to drop out of school and get married just like her elder sister, settling to be a housewife, a common practice in rural India. Not wanting to give up her dream, she decided to take on a job to support her education and family, working both as a waitress and agricultural worker. Siri Foundation heard about Ms. Mani and her situation through her teacher, a Siri volunteer, and the team was compelled to help. Siri provided her with a scholarship and made her the very first supported student. As a result, Mani was able to pursue her dreams, received her diploma in Agriculture Sciences in 2015. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2018, Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture, at the Acharya N.G.Ranga University, Bapatla, one of the best institutes in this segment in South India.

Ms. Mani would like to pursue her Masters degree in Sciences and awaiting for the JRF ( Jr. Research Fellow) common entrance test results. While waiting for the JRF, she just received an amazing job offer from Karur Vysya Bank as a Scale one officer. A meaningful impact !!

Chukka Hymavathi 2018

Hymavathi 2016

Hymavathi 2013 in 8th grade

Chukka Hymavathi’s life has changed forever when her father passed away in 2013 and her mother suffered from mental illness and was unable to work. Ms.Chukka Hymavathi became the sole breadwinner for the family. She had to singlehandedly raise her younger siblings and get a job to create a source of income. Through it all, she was a good student, never missing school, and going so far as to bike 4 Kilometers everyday, in order to receive her education, as she pursued her dream of becoming a teacher. Siri Foundation took her on in 2014, providing her with a 2,000-rupee scholarship every month for the last five years. In April 2018, she has graduated from 12th grade and marching on to the undergraduate program chasing her dream to become a Hindi language teacher.

Kumari Seelam at HYD Central university , Aug 2018

Kumari Seelam, a talented young student who comes from a disadvantaged background. Kumari dropped out of school after the tenth grade as her family could not afford to pay for her higher education. Siri heard of her plight, and our trust members met with the family multiple times, finally convincing Kumari’s parents to enroll her in the 11th grade, at the cost of the foundation and former teacher's funding. Today, after five successful years of educational support, Kumari has been admitted to a Masters in Chemistry graduate program (MSc) at Hyderabad Central University,and has even received admission into integrated PhD program at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Thirupathi. In the pursuit of her Master’s degree Kumari achieved Rank #1 placements in the Andhra University Common Entrance Test (AU CET) and Nannaya CET, SPMVV PGCET, as well as Rank 4 at Pandicheri Central University.

Kumari’s story is a testament to the tangible impact that our programs can have upon our students. We strive to provide each student with financial support for at least six years, or until they themselves are financially stable.

Hari Spandana, a gifted and talented student from a remote village Veeravelli Agraharam, her hopes of higher education dwindled when her father was struck with a disease that paralyzed his legs, and confined to the bed for a year. She is the eldest of three children from a poor family of agricultural workers. She achieved 9.8 GPA out of 10 in tenth grade and has a thirst to study in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Only privileged children can afford best training to attain good scores that opens doors to IIT or prestigious engineering schools. Hari Spandana has a remarkable talent, but no means and resources to achieve her goals. The odds were against her dreams of higher education because of the financial difficulties, being a girl, living in a remote village, a paralyzed father with no support from the other family members.

Siri foundation took a bold decision and approved 100% scholarship that covers her school fees, education expenses and hostel fees. Finally, Hari Spandana joined in 11the grade at the Sri Chaitanya Institute on June 20th, 2016in pursuit of her dreams.

Despite joining few weeks late, and far behind the course work, she had made it to the top tier cohort. Just like any other privileged kid, she has a fair chance at the IIT target. The impossible dream a month ago suddenly became a reality.

While she was waiting for the admission, she contributed over 80 hours of volunteer work by organizing education camps for the young children in her village. The desire to dream big and share the knowledge was commendable.

Mr.Sanyasi Rao could not find a decent job after his undergraduate course in Arts, and had to return to his village to help his family. He washed clothes during the day, and worked in the sand mine at night, until Siri offered him a part-time job at the village library in Vechalam. In hopes of helping him find a more stable occupation, Siri sponsored his studies, and now he completed Bachelors in Physical Education.

Annual Siri Stars Meet 2019 - Siri students and volunteers Jan 14, 2019

Siri family has grown from one single student in 2012 to thirty-two in 2018

We are grateful to generous donors and many invisible volunteers

Siri Stars meet 2018

Sravan Kumar

Siri stars 2016


Mohan Rao

Jan 2017 meeting with Siri Stars

Welcome to new students for the Siri stars program in June 2017

Priyanka and Dhana Lakshmi received scholarships for a two year program of Diploma in Education (D.Ed) in Govt. District Institutes of Educational Training (DIETs). A first step to become teachers.

Mr. Satyanarayana YVV presented their scholarship on Oct 29, 2017.




Sanyasi Rao

Imran Khan with Rama Krishna

Sree Latha